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In her final essay, Greta Bull reflects on several lessons learned in the course of her time as CGAP’s CEO:

  • Beware of hype
  • Serving the poor is hard, so manage expectations
  • There is immense power in public/private collaboration
  • Draw on the power of community

… and suggests areas where the financial inclusion community should focus its attention in the coming years:

  • Making sure that poor people are actually part of the digital economy
  • Pro-poor banks that are fit for the digital future
  • A better understanding of fintech and what it can do for the poor
  • To continue building the digital infrastructure that makes it possible for providers to reach poor customers
  • Recognising and supporting the vital role of women in economic growth and increasing household incomes

The work of CGAP in recent years has indeed made a useful contribution to improving financial inclusion for the world’s poor. Read more here.


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