Building prosperity in the Asia Pacific region

FDC advocates for engagement by the Australian community in the development of our region.


The Foundation for Development Cooperation’s (FDC) mission is to reduce the incidence of poverty and promote equitable growth in the Asia Pacific region.


FDC achieves this through collaboration across its regional networks – advancing new ideas and approaches to building prosperity in developing economies.


FDC works closely with governments, leading development institutions, non-government organisations and the business community, paving the way for enterprise and prosperity.

FDC initiatives

Encouraging cooperation and cross-sector collaboration is central to FDC’s work. FDC advocates for engagement by the broader Australian community in the ongoing development of our region. FDC was founded on the core belief that a multi-sector collaborative process is the best approach to achieving effective development.

Policy leadership Innovation & research
Forums & conferences Cross-sector collaboration


FDC has produced a range of books, articles, papers and other resources since it began in 1990.

Micro financial & entrepreneurial policies

  • Best Practice in Banking with the Poor
  • The Role of Commercial Banks in Microfinance
  • Getting the Framework Right
  • Linkage Banking in the Pacific
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Regional & economic cooperation

  • South Pacific and Caribbean Island Economies
  • National Security and Australia’s Aid Program
  • Development cooperation into the 21st century
  • Building an Asia Pacific Community
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Cross-cutting development

  • Governance in the Pacific: Options to Increase Female Participation
  • Digital dividends for the poor – ICT for poverty reduction in Asia
  • Energy for All
  • Remittances, Microfinance and Development: building the links
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The informal economy

  • The Informal Economy in Development
  • A National Policy for the Informal Economy in PNG
  • Informality in the Developing Economy
  • Papua New Guinea: The Informal Economy and the Resource Boom
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Bringing together resources and capabilities to drive sustainable outcomes

31 years

In operation since Bill Taylor AO founded FDC in 1990.

38 countries

In Asia-Pacific where FDC has worked.

21 economies

Engaged in APEC Working Group on inclusive growth & development

20 million clients

In Asia served by members of the Banking with the Poor network.

100k clients

In the Pacific served by members of Microfinance Pasifika Network.

165 initiatives

Delivered across the Asia-Pacific region by FDC.