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Microfinance Practice

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FDC’s action research publications focus on how the instrument of microfinance and a broad range of financial services, can be used to achieve the goal of financial inclusion, health and well-being. It includes different models of delivery and engagement across a wide range of country, economic and cultural contexts. The early publications examine the state of microfinance at that time. As the sector evolved, along with changing external circumstances, so have FDC’s insights and recommendations. Readers will note that some fundamental principles from the 1990s remain familiar, while others will seem archaic in this current age of the digital economy and technical disruption. FDC holds the privileged position of being able to both draw on and contribute back to the grass-roots practice of members of the Banking with the Poor network in Asia, and the Microfinance Pasifika Network, comprising over 1,500 microfinance institutions and 130m financially excluded or underserved individuals.